PVIBG is a financial solution partner, in the banking and the financial industry, with excellence in the Indian capital market and its high-growth sectors.

Thanks to a deep understanding of the financial marketplace in India and how it relates to other markets and economies in Asia and the rest of the world, in combination with active strategic management and our in house risk control system, we develop solutions that can deliver superior risk adjusted returns on invested capital.

We offer banks, private equity firms, trusts, multinationals and high net worth individuals fully customized investment solutions.

PVIBG is neither an investment bank nor a market player that offers full service solutions in the financial field. Rather we strive to be best in class, be superior in our niche and provide excellence, unique modular solutions and partnerships for the full service solution providers.

We thrive by delivering superior results and returns to our shareholders, clients and financial partners. We achieve this by our unique approach, field expertise, strict focus and concentrated investor base.

We focus on our partners and shareholders success and compete to win. We achieve results by understanding the market and its opportunities. Our philosophy is to grow and prosper together with our clients and partners not on the expense of their result.

We also understand that transparency is the key to mutual success and long-term partnership. We see ourselves as pioneers in what we call “True Transparency”. We believe that transparency goes beyond providing our partners with financial reports and historical data. Our partners benefit from our fully transparent and flexible custom solutions.

At PVIBG we operate with the highest ethics and standards and are driven by our commitment to take full responsibility of our clients wealth and our dedication to deliver superior returns. We understand that security and privacy is of the greatest importance to our clients. Therefore we take extreme measures to ensure that each account is managed under strictest discretion and that the security and privacy of our clients is never compromised at any time.